Amethyst Chevron Palm Stone
Amethyst Chevron Palm Stone

Amethyst Chevron Palm Stone


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I got these palm stones on my last day at the Tucson Gem Show. They are such stunners, I chose the most unique ones. Swooning over their magical patterns still, while I am sad to see these go, I am excited for you to enjoy them. 

Protective, loyal, and wise.

Amethyst is a powerhouse of a crystal. I find this stone to be the queen of meditation and higher self awareness. I have gone down the incredible rabbit hole of guided meditations and I will never forget the first meditation that I shared with Amethyst. I was moved to tears, the clarity and kinship I felt blew me away. This stone wants to help you find your center, and quickly. I find her to be the no-bullshit best friend who really wants to help you. 

This is just my perspective on this crystal, if you want to learn more there is a wealth of knowledge online! So much fun to discover regarding using crystals for daily life. 💓

These crystals were cleansed in the Arizona sunshine after a quick rainstorm in a very sacred place to me. 🌞