Acera Necklace
Acera Necklace

Acera Necklace


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Acer is the genus of trees known as Maple. This necklace reminds me so much of the many colors and variations of Maple trees. 🍁When I think of Autumn, Maple trees are the first tree that comes to mind. I saw this Jasper stone at a cute rock shop in Missoula, Montana and was drawn to it for so many reasons but specifically it's color and shape. This stone is round on the front and the back, so I made the silver backplate open so you can keep the stone close to you while you wear it.

Jasper is known for its powerful protection properties as well as grounding and healing abilities. Are you feeling a little lost or as if you are floating in the air? This stone will bring you back to earth with a kind and nurturing hand. 

This Jasper is being hugged by two Tiger Eye stones, so while you are being grounded with the Jasper you can find your courage and inspiration with Tiger Eye. Tiger Eye stones are optimistic and ready to help you see the good in any situation. 

This Talisman is a powerful one. Made in Michigan with love. 🍂Solid sterling silver, 20" necklace chain, with Jasper and Tiger Eye stones.